Advertising Budgets

Wondering how your advertising budget compares with other companies? If you’re a national advertiser, the brands spending the most money monthly, from about a year ago, are as follows.

Source: Nielsen

  1. PROCTER & GAMBLE CO, $119.3 Million
  2. ABBVIE INC, $79.2 Million
  3. BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC, $78.6 Million
  4. PROGRESSIVE CORP, $49 Million
  5. WALT DISNEY CO, $45.0 Million
  6. T-MOBILE USA INC, $44.9 Million
  7. SANOFI SA, $43.9 Million
  8. PEPSICO INC, $40.2 Million
  9. AT&T INC, $38.3 Million
  10. TOYOTA MOTOR CORP, $37.7 Million

So, maybe you aren’t a national advertiser. What about the top local advertisers? Local usually means that the advertiser targets certain, local, markets for their ads. For example, they might choose markets like Los Angeles and Phoenix to focus on. How much are the top local advertisers spending?

  • COMCAST CORP, $33.5 Million
  • GENERAL MOTORS CO, $32.4 Million
  • TOYOTA MOTOR CORP, $30.3 Million
  • NEW YORK STATE, $22.2 Million
  • HYUNDAI MOTOR CO, $16.7 Million
  • NISSAN MOTOR CO LTD, $13.3 Million
  • ROARK CAPITAL GROUP INC, $12.2 Million
  • MORGAN & MORGAN, $11.7 Million

Remember, these are monthly figures. Usually, if you see a company listed in both the national and local categories it means that they have budgets for both national and local advertising. So, how does your company compare?