We will write and produce audio and video promotional pieces for on-air and online exposure.  Ask about our affordable rates.  It might not cost as much as you think to make a great first impression.

STUDIO – Video / Film / Sound Studio

– 1750 sq. ft. sound stage, and 900 sq. ft 3-walled cyclorama infinity background

– Spacious green room with fully equipped dressing/guest facilities

– Full array of lighting equipment for all productions, including ARRI, KinoFlo and much more

– Air Conditioning: cool and quiet sound condition

– Ample on-site parking

– Turnkey 6,000 sq. ft. facility with scene shop

– Post-production workstations, audio studio and professional staff

– Camera rentals, including Red cameras


Studio Production:

–  We offer a wide array of sets and backgrounds, including a green screen cyclorama for virtual sets and a white “Infinity Screen” background.

Field Production:

–  In addition to producing your videos in house, we feature portable equipment that can be used in almost any environment.

Video Podcast:

–  We can record your video podcast with either a virtual background or a practical set and post it to iTunes as a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly video podcast.

Commercials / Bumpers:

–  We can create commercials, fundraising promos and awareness videos for your projects.

Audio for Radio:

–  We feature a state-of-the art recording studio, fit to record your talk radio show.  Additionally, we can produce your intro and bumper segments to send to your desired radio station.

Audio Podcast:

–  We can record your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly talk show and post it as a podcast on iTunes.


– With our Lighting supplier and consultant, Available Light, we are fully equipped for any studio or on location lighting need