Planning For 2024

For many years I would take the week between Christmas and New Years to study what goals had been achieved the year prior and what plans would be made for the next year. A lot of times, I would use a template from the previous year, and the successes as a basis.

Then, things started to change. The strategies I had used to plan in previous years weren’t working, and somehow even the small goals I had made weren’t being met. I started to pivot, that lovely word that came out of the Covid crisis, and found new solutions and talents that had yet to be activated.

Growth years aren’t always seen right away. A lot of people use the analogy of roots being formed underground before something shoots up out of the soil. These years can be taxing. Since you aren’t seeing the fruit yet, you have to continue to plow the land in hopes for a future harvest. It’s hard work to do the waiting, but building strong roots can help a tree live a long time. I would guess, the same could be said about building a strong foundation for business.

I found a list of templates here on that might help with your planning efforts. Good luck and don’t be afraid to pivot, if you need to.