No Fools

I remember when people used to make April Fool’s day a big deal, setting up big stunts to trick people. While there are a whole slew of advertisers using the day to play practical jokes today, see the latest in this Adweek article, what was the best use of April Fool’s day by an advertiser throughout the years? Here is a video on some of the more famous stunts over the decades. Will you let this day go by without a hoax? As for me and my agency, I’m planning on a no fools day.

If your brand is interested in reaching the coastal communities of San Diego, you might consider Carlsbad Magazine and Encinitas Magazine. Both bimonthlies have a circulation of 20,000+ and Carlsbad magazine goes into most hotel rooms in San Diego. We close the May/June issue of Carlsbad Magazine on April 15. Give me a shout-out if you are interested.