Top Tens

Here are recent Top Ten TV shows and discussions about TV shows from Nielsen Ratings.

TV Shows
(as of December 15, 2015)

1.  NBC Sunday Night Football
2.  Big Bang Theory (CBS)
3.  NCIS (CBS)
4.  Voice (NBC)
5.  Voice-Tue (NBC)
6.  60 Minutes (CBS)
7.  Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick (NBC)
8.  NCIS New Orleans (NBC)
9.  Adele Live in New York (NBC)
10. Life in Pieces (CBS)
Nielsen Twitter TV
(as of January 11, 2016)

1.  Democratic Debate (NBC)
2.  Republican Presidential Candidates Debate (Fox Business)
3.  The Bachelor (ABC)
4.  The 21st Annual Critics Choice Awards (A&E)
5.  Pretty Little Liars (freeform)
6.  Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!)
7.  WWE Monday Night (USA)
8.  American Idol (Fox)
9.  American Horror Story (FX)
10.American Idol (Fox)