More News From The 2022 TV Upfront

Here is continuing coverage from some of the TV Upfront network interviews with AdAge regarding the 2023 TV season.

AMC Networks

Kim Kelleher of AMC Networks said that in 2022 they added six new channels so that they are up to fourteen channels. They also have digital inventory. They’re trying to figure out how to breakthrough the noise using their size as an advantage. They do things to put the viewer at the center of everything. They also strive for consistency, quality and are creating suites for super fans.

A&E Networks

Peter Olsen of A&E Networks said they are focusing on genre programming to help viewers find the content they are wanting. He said their primary focus is to help marketers with their businesses. He said that consumers tend to gravitate toward genres and documentaries. They would like to bring more diverse storytellers into the industry. Their hope is to intersect diverse storytelling to bring all the groups together. They want to make sure they focus on the content. Their primary relationship is with the viewers, and the marketers come to them so the content is important. They have new ad innovations to keep people’s eyes on the ad and are looking at new forms of currency. They are trying to find better measurement beyond just counting impressions, but rather considering the value of those impressions.