Disney+ Upfront 2022

As the Madison Avenue TV upfronts (for a deeper explanation of what the TV upfronts are go here) come to a close, it seems the collective  idea is that customers and advertisers are looking for good content wherever that show is being served. And, how to measure the new way consumers are accessing their favorites, mainly a glut of avenues for digital streamings, most effectively. Many believe Nielsen is still the best way to measure impressions online.  During the next few weeks, articles will focus on a few of the networks and what they are offering.


AdAge held an online discussion this week with some of the leaders of the networks.  This post will focus on Disney.  Look for other networks’ coverages in the next few weeks.

Rita Ferro, of Disney+, was interviewed by Jeanine Poggi of AdAge. Rita Ferro stated that they are looking at putting the “right ads with the right content.” They want to create an experience that everyone expects from Disney. They like to focus on storytelling and want to find ads that align with movies. They will look for the right breaks in movies to put ads in so it’s not cut off at awkward positions.  Ferro mentioned that the Dropout and Kardashian’s on Hulu are popular shows. She mentioned that budgets are up for pharmaceuticals and entertainment. Read more here.