Consumers and Advertisers Return to the Movies with Big Budget Releases like Tenet

The Christopher Nolan Big Budget Blockbuster movie Tenet was released into theaters nationwide on September 3. Watch trailer
Despite consumer weariness about whether it is safe to go back to theaters, the movie hit $200 million globally despite lackluster “U.S Box Office” sales according to a headline on

A recent zoom presentation to media buyers conducted by National Cinemedia (NCM) gave assurance to advertisers that, “they did what they had to do to get through it. (Covid shutdown),” said Regal’s Ken Thewes. He mentioned that 64% of their theaters are open and they’re moving toward 100%. He also said that 2019 was a global box office record and expects 2021 to be the same.

If safety is still a concern, Thewes mentioned that masks are mandatory at their theaters unless people are eating and they have mapped seats for social distancing. They even mentioned that they have implemented foggers that emit sanitation and take about ten minutes to dry.

The network has added more slots to their pre and post show ad segments. For more information about advertising on movie screens please contact