Reaching Your Goals, The Second Time Around

Lately I’ve been thinking about second chances, how sometimes it takes more than one try to get it right. Our culture tends to assume that businesses can achieve overnight success just by being lucky, but often they just don’t want to advertise when things went wrong.  It’s a nice idea, that overnight success thing, but great story lines have a part where it looks like the main character’s not going to make it.  An example is the La La Land movie. Did they or did they not achieve their dreams in the movie?

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I won’t give the story line away you’ll have to go see the movie for the answer, but that’s sort of where the excitement is with running a business, right–The idea that you might win. And, even though La La Land didn’t win the Oscar, the mistake that called them as the winner probably gave the movie just as much exposure as the real winner, Moonlight, because most of the producers got to say their acceptance speech as if they had won and the moment will live on in Oscar history. An interesting fact too, is that the 2017 TV viewing was “the second least watched in TV history,” according to Vulture, with 32.9 million viewers. That’s the lowest since 2008, reported by Nielsen, but will probably have a longer exposure time than just one night because of the fiasco.

Oscars ballotI believe businesses who can handle problems have the best chance of reaching their goals. Think of some of the Public Relations efforts that took a bad situation with a product and turned it around. One good example is the 1982 Tylenol Cyanide crisis.

A terrible thing happened with their product. According to a report by professor Ron Smith for Buffalo State College students, seven people died near Chicago linked to taking extra strength Tylenol capsules that had 10,000 the lethal dose with 270 copycat tamperings. Although Johnson & Johnson, the parent company, had a crisis plan they hadn’t planned for one on that scale. But they handled the problem the best way they could by cooperating with the police and FDA, engaging the media, recalling 31 million Tylenol bottles, offering to exchange already purchased bottles and then coming back with tamper resistant packaging. They held ongoing media conferences and continued to offer open communication and incentives to customers ending up with a good reputation in the end.

So regardless of how many second chances your business may need to try to reach your goals, keep solving those problems because in the end it’s the ones with the strongest endurance who usually win.  What’s your businesses second chance story?


2016 Olympics Ratings

Like in the last Summer Olympics, TV ratings skyrocketed as the opening ceremony kicked off the games.  Here’s a brief recap of the ratings so far on San Diego’s NBC 7/39.






KOGO’s The Circus of Politics Panel Discussion

KOGO-AM News Radio 600 held an invitation only event on May 12, 2016 at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego called The Circus of Politics, the Media as Ringmaster. A panel of guests answered questions posed by Ted Garcia of KOGO News. The first question he asked the panelists consisting of Cliff Albert of KOGO News, Tony Manolatos of APEX Strategies, Scott Lewis of Voice of San Diego and Wendy Patrick an Attorney/Legal Analyst and Ethics Professor was to describe the current political season in one word.


Manolatos described it as “Toxic”, Lewis said “Social”, Wendy chose “Unconventional” and Albert asked for a hyphenated word to pass as one word to say it was “Circus-Like”.

Issues discussed included the way Donald Trump uses social media and how the media chooses to cover what he says because he gets high ratings.

One of the panelists brought up the discussion about how people were talking about Facebook blacklisting the right side point of view. One thought that was a ridiculous proposition but another commented that Facebook has algorithms and as a private company they can choose what stories they want to trend.

Trump’s name was brought up repeatedly in the discussion with one person describing him as a product and that he was creating the media. Another said that it was impossible to fact check Donald and that he seems to be trending a “personality is now the message” theme.

Manolatos, when asked how he might help the candidates better brand themselves said that Hillary Clinton has the most political experience of all of them but needed to work on her warmth, that she doesn’t have her husband’s charisma.

On whether or not the media was causing a lot of the “circus-like” atmosphere, one panelist said there are two types of reporters-one that covers the story but doesn’t fact check and another that fact checks and investigates but the story may not be as entertaining. Patrick brought up the idea that people are more worried about the narrative, and often people get it wrong on social media.

They all seemed to agree that the news should be “What Is” but that it is a new media climate where traditional media doesn’t get to choose the news anymore and most people and brands are their own news outlets.

And one more thing about Trump, Garcia said that he is on his way to San Diego and that we need to get ready for him, but a lot of people aren’t.


How The 2016 Elections Will Affect Advertising Avails

According to an October 22, 2015 article, “Advertisers May Suffer ‘Political Crowd Out’ As 2016 Elections Near” it is recommended to get in early or sit out in September and October. This suggestion is primarily focused on TV and radio advertisers where ad time is finite.

The article explains that presidential hopefuls will spend a record number of dollars this year with an estimate of 8.5 billion on broadcast TV. Read more here


Top Tens

Here are recent Top Ten TV shows and discussions about TV shows from Nielsen Ratings.

TV Shows
(as of December 15, 2015)

1.  NBC Sunday Night Football
2.  Big Bang Theory (CBS)
3.  NCIS (CBS)
4.  Voice (NBC)
5.  Voice-Tue (NBC)
6.  60 Minutes (CBS)
7.  Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick (NBC)
8.  NCIS New Orleans (NBC)
9.  Adele Live in New York (NBC)
10. Life in Pieces (CBS)
Nielsen Twitter TV
(as of January 11, 2016)

1.  Democratic Debate (NBC)
2.  Republican Presidential Candidates Debate (Fox Business)
3.  The Bachelor (ABC)
4.  The 21st Annual Critics Choice Awards (A&E)
5.  Pretty Little Liars (freeform)
6.  Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!)
7.  WWE Monday Night (USA)
8.  American Idol (Fox)
9.  American Horror Story (FX)
10.American Idol (Fox)

The La Mesa Boulevard Streetscape Grand Opening will be December 9, 2105

The grand opening of the Downtown Village Streetscape Project in La Mesa will be on December 9, 2015 at 4 p.m.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on La Mesa Boulevard that week celebrating the completion of a streetscape project that began in July 2014. See the Union Tribune story here.

The city website has a more detailed description of the plan here.

That weekend, the popular Christmas in the Village event will take place. It will be on Friday and Saturday evenings, December 11 and 12 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Businesses are encouraged to be a sponsor.  There are limited opportunities this year as La Mesa Boulevard will be open to traffic but expect to still be entertained with the Salvation Army band, Santa, jugglers, Christmas movies, Carolers, and a giant Christmas tree. Shops will be decked out in their finest attire.

LMA CITV sponsors


There’s still time to be a part of the La Mesa Oktoberfest

Booths and banner placements inside the beer garden at the 42nd Annual La Mesa Oktoberfest are still available. Contact for more information.  Over 100,000 people are expected to attend this popular event.




Was Father Junipero Serra A Friend To The Indians?

Pope Francis’ scheduled arrival in the United States to canonize the Franciscan missionary Junipero Serra this month has sparked controversy about whether Serra was a saint or was responsible for many deaths to Native Americans.

Jim Downs spent five years researching and writing about the Mission San Luis Rey to produce the book The Real World of Mission San Luis Rey.   Purchase book through this link. Downs will discuss the controversial history of Mission San Luis Rey at three events in San Diego this September.

SNL panel flyer


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SDWI has various incentives that fundraising writers can win for registering for the marathon or reaching fundraising goals. Prizes include lunch with a published author or editor (10 local authors have signed up to meet with someone who wins this incentive), copies of SDWI’s award-winning anthology, t-shirts or book bags, signed books, and entries into raffles to be drawn on the day of the event. All marathon writers also get a certificate of participation and get to enjoy the day of the marathon with free breakfast and lunch plus chair yoga, a short lunch talk, and other fun.

Many of the writers participating also offer incentives to those who donate to them. One writer has promised to sing karaoke in public with the largest donor choosing the song to be performed. Other writers do thank you notes or take writing prompt suggestions from donors. Team Ink, made up of SDWI staff, is offering a small handmade booklet featuring the lines of a sonnet to any donor of $100 or more to their fundraising page.



A New Book About the Mission San Luis Rey

 By Kenneth Noonan, member of Old Mission San Luis Rey Historic Foundation

Mission front cover

The full story of Mission San Luis Rey is now complete with publication of the new book, The Real World of Mission San Luis Rey, published by the Old Mission San Luis Rey Historical Foundation.  Author, educator and historian Jim Downs of Oceanside spent the last five years researching and writing the book in order to counter extremist points of view about the Mission and the Franciscans as well as the native Americans of the San Luis Rey River Valley.  Downs, who admits he knew little about the Mission before writing the book researched archives and met with archaeologists, authors and Native Americans to educate himself. His book includes the real story of the Mission and Mission Indians from the period of the Spanish arrival and the Mexican and California periods as well.A book about the Mission would not be credible without the story of how Friar Junipero Serra founded the mission system.  The first six chapters focus on this aspect and how it impacted the Native Americans and their culture.  As the canonization of Father Serra nears this story about our own Mission San Luis Rey becomes even more relevant to us.Proceeds from sales of the book will go to support the work of The Foundation; the maintenance and preservation of the old Mission and education of the public about our Mission San Luis Rey.Available soon in bookstores or now by clicking here.

Check out the Facebook Page and keep updated by liking it.  Facebook